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RHS Grow is a gardening app that makes it incredibly easy to identify plants, keep track of the plants you have, receive tips on how to care for them, and get help and advice. The app gives you access to 200 years of knowledge from botanists, scientists, fruit and veg experts and RHS specialist advisors - helping you to grow plants with confidence.

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The RHS Grow app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Identify plants instantly

Plant finder app screen

Use Plant Identifier to discover what plants are, or how to help them thrive.

Keep track of your plants

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Add plants to a collection, and view information on how to care for them.

Care for your plants

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We'll remind you what to do and when, so your plants can grow well.

Features Free Paid
Plant collections
Find and keep track of the plants you own or want, including fruit, veg and herbs
Included Included
Get help, advice and suggestions
Included Included
Plant details
Get detailed information for over 35000 different plants
Included Included
Care tips
We'll remind you what to do and when so your plants can flourish
Locked Included
Garden Journal
Add notes and images to journal the progress of your plants and garden
Locked Included
Plant Identifier
Take a photo of a plant and instantly discover what it is
Locked Included
Get your questions answered instantly by our expert AI chatbot
Locked Included
Monthly £3.99
Yearly £39.99 Save 16%

More features coming soon!

Our exciting new AI advisor

If you need to ask a question about gardening why not ask our new ChatBotanist? We’ve started teaching ChatBotanist everything we know about gardening, plants, problems and expert advice.

My apples have brown marks, what can I do to fix this?
RHS ChatBotanist

ChatBotanist is perfect to get advice while you are out in the garden or sitting at home. The ChatBotanist has been reading thousands of articles from our experts and is learning very fast.

Official app of the Royal Horticultural Society

For gardeners of all levels and knowledge

At the forefront of horticultural innovation for over 200 years

Helping gardeners

Helping gardeners all over the UK

As more people use the app, we will learn and be better informed to advise and offer support for all plants in all environments. We will be able to see the world as it is, and as it could be! A powerful and important milestone in our charitable work.

We get regular feedback from our current users to ensure that we are constantly adapting to better our tools for you.

I am a beginner with a lot of interest in gardening now and this app is helping me to care for my plants with timely notifications so thank you RHS.

Maria John


How much does it cost to download RHS Grow?

RHS Grow has both free and paid for features. You can download RHS Grow and enjoy the free version, or sign up to our monthly or yearly subscription to access all features. All subscriptions start with a free trial period. Once the free trial has ended, RHS Grow is £3.99 a month or £39.99 a year (16% saving). You can cancel your subscription any time.

The RHS Grow app is separate to RHS Membership and available to everyone as part of our commitment to supporting gardening throughout the UK.

If you downloaded RHS Grow when it was free you will not be automatically charged later - you will need to choose to sign up to the paid version.

Is there a free trial for RHS Grow?

We offer all users a free trial, if you cancel before the free trial period is over you will not be charged.

I'm an RHS member, do I need to pay for RHS Grow?

RHS Grow is separate to RHS membership and available to everyone. The RHS is a charity and we will continue to develop Grow as part of our commitment to supporting gardening throughout the UK. To do this we need to cover the costs of the app.

We believe Membership already provides excellent value for money; free visits to the five RHS Gardens for you and a family member all year round (Individual Membership) or up to seven people; three family adults and four children (Joint Membership); events at RHS Gardens are free or discounted for members. You also receive The Garden Magazine every month, worth £59.40 alone. Plus, discounted tickets to RHS Flower Shows and access to the member advice service. You also have access to 220 RHS Partner Gardens to visit for free, at selected times. Individual Membership is just £69 and Joint Membership £105 per year.

How do I download RHS Grow?

RHS Grow is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. You can download RHS Grow onto any smartphone or tablet.

To install RHS Grow on iOS devices:
Go to the App Store on your Apple device and search for 'RHS Grow'. Tap Get and then Install.

To install RHS Grow Android devices:
Go to the Android Market or Google Play Store on your device and search for 'RHS Grow'. Tap Install.

Is RHS Grow available in different languages?

RHS Grow is only available is English (UK).

Can I use RHS Grow outside of the United Kingdom?

Unfortunately, at launch this app is only available within the UK due to being a UK based charity and the costs that would be incurred by making it internationally available.

If you'd like us to note your interest in RHS Grow becoming available overseas, please email [email protected] and we will certainly monitor the interest the app gathers.

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Our inbox, [email protected], is always available if you need to email us with more detailed questions.

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Why not get RHS Grow for free and try out the amazing features we have created to help you curate and cultivate your garden.

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The RHS Grow app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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